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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bake it in a Cake!

Bake it in a Cake is a great blog!  The creator is not a professional baker but a woman who was interested in cupcakes!  She finds creative ways to spice up cupcakes and bake things within the cupcake itself. She has recipes for cupcakes that have pudding, cookies, and cherry pies in the middle of her cupcakes.  It is a must see!


I has some extra buttercream so I tried to experiment using different methods. I thought this technique looked like little starbursts.

Topped with a Big Heart (Peanut Butter and Jelly Cupcakes)

I usually try to stick with traditional flavors like chocolate and vanilla. However, I thought I would try these Peanut Butter and Jelly Cupcakes. It is a yellow cake with a strawberry jelly center. The icing is peanut butter/butter cream. Although I am not crazy about the color of the icing, they taste pretty good. For Valentine's Day I added a fondant heart topper.

Loving Sprinkles

What makes these cupcakes special is the cupcake liners. I found them at Wegman's and just thought they were neat!  The vanilla buttercream was colored pink to celebrate Valentine's Day. The topper is either a white chocolate heart or a fondant heart.

Drizzled with Love

These cupcakes are vanilla. The white icing is raspberry buttercream. It's very sweet!  White chocolate is drizzled on top before placing the fondant heart topper.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Creative Cupcake Toppers

Edible Angry Birds Toppers
For those of you who are fans of the game Angry Birds, check out these edible toppers from Artisan Cake Company. Twenty-four pieces will cost you $115.00 plus shipping, however, they do have sets available for as low as $15.00.

A Great Supply Store

Bevs Logo

For everyone local in the Lehigh Valley, I found a gem in Whitehall. The store is called Bev's Cake and Candy. Click here for the link.  The store is located off of the Fullerton Exit on 22. They have many supplies. In my opinion, they are a little pricer then some other baking stores, however, they have a larger supply and definitely are cheaper than your larger chain retail stores. Unlike some cake and candy stores in the area, this store has supplies for bakers, cupcake makers, and chocolate/candy lovers.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Every baker has to have an apron. My sister got me this one for Christmas. It's the exact one worn by Charlotte in Sex and the City 2!  Jessie Steele aprons are adorable!

Valentine's Day Cupcakes

The hearts were created the same way the snowflakes were created below. Using this pink white-chocolate, I created the hearts on wax paper and then moved them to the cupcakes once the chocolate was hard enough.

A Little Pink and Purple

This is such an easy way to decorate cupcakes. Using a pastry bag and tip, you can easily dot frosting onto a cupcake for a neat effect.

Winter Wonderland

These winter cupcakes were a great choice for Christmas Eve. The snowflakes were made using melted white chocolate. Using a pastry bag, the white chocolate was squeezed onto wax paper and cooled over night. After it harden, it peeled off of the wax paper. To help keep the snowflake stable, I created a pick out of chocolate that was attached to the snowflake. The other fancy white chocolate pieces were created using a mold.

A Scarecrow for Fall

This design was created for Thanksgiving dessert. The entire scarecrow, including the decorations, are edible.

Happy Halloween

The pumpkin cupcakes were made for a child's Halloween party. They are peanut and dairy free pumpkin spice cupcakes with vanilla buttercream. Fondant was used to create the faces, while a pretzel rod was used as the stem. The tombstones were cut out of chocolate graham crackers and "glued" to the board using the leftover purple frosting.

Mini Pies

These cupcakes were created using red and blue m&ms. Tan/Brown icing was piped across and around the cupcake to create the pie crust. This idea was taken from the book What's New, Cupcake?.


Butterfinger candy cupcakes with vanilla buttercream!

Cupcakes for Teacher

Last summer I went to a end-of-year picnic for the staff at my elementary school. To celebrate, I created cupcakes that look like apples. Vanilla cake is frosted in red, a mint candy leaf is added, and a pretzel stick is places in the center as the stem. The chocolate cupcakes are bakes in leopard print cupcakes liners because our school mascot is a "Little Leopard".


This was my very first attempt at cupcake decorating. This is a vanilla cupcake with vanilla icing. The top of the cupcake is covered in shredded coconut. A marshmallow cut in half and dipped in pink sugar is attached as ears using pretzel sticks. The eyes are two mini m&ms, the nose a pink dot of icing, the whiskers are chocolate sprinkles.

Fresh Lemon and Raspberry

These are lemon cake with a raspberry jam filling. The icing is fresh homemade whipped cream. The added fresh raspberries are the finishing touch. Cupcakes were baked by my mother, Susan, as I decorated.


These cupcakes were made for my nephews end-of-year baseball party. The goldfish were created using circus peanuts, m&ms, and apple jacks. The idea came from a book called What's New, Cupcake?.

Simple Blue

This is a vanilla cupcake with tan and blue vanilla buttercream.